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Poster: deadmax Date: Oct 2, 2010 5:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: TDIH 1976

10-02-76 River Front Coliseum, Cincinnati, Oh. (Sat)

1: Promised, TLEO, Minglewood, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Tennessee Jed, All Over Now, B. E. Women, Let It Grow, Might As Well

2: Music, Candyman, Samson, Roses, Big River, FOTD, Dancin> Drums> Other One> Stella Blue> Other One> Sugar Magnolia

This is a pretty crappy recording but the music is intense and right on. The music plays the band for most of the show. The first set has lots of "those" moments and I think the band is actually surprised too. The highlights are All Over Now, BEW, Pounding LIG and a show stopping Might as Well. The whole second set is good but it's actually two mini-shows. The first 6 songs are all stand-outs but they are stand-alones as well where the band is trying to find "it". Dancin through Sugar Mag is one long song that takes surprising turns that will keep you listening just to see what they are going to do. TMNS has some weird phrasings, Candyman is perfect. The Other One is late 60's transplanted and a very sweet Stella Blue. Sugar Magnolia dives into some background intensity. Great all-around show.

ALL OVER NOW is usually a good indication of what kind of mood the boys are in and this one tells us they are ready to play yet another stellar show. You can tell they are all focused and intent upon the journey they want to take us on. BROWN-EYED WOMEN speaks to us of a time gone by but the memory of it is fresh and it still burns. These guys are consumate story-tellers and the playing just fills in all the holes. They are spot on yet again. LET IT GROW is a monster but it usually is in this year or really any year. This one is not the graceful sprite we have come to know that glides and dances on the shadows of the world. No, this one wants to grab you and pull you along as you hang on for dear life! Lots of trippy stuff going on here. Sounds a lot like Playing in the Band sometimes in its out-of-this-world-ness. They take us to every stop in the universe before gently putting us down with a cosmic shrug. MIGHT AS WELL is a great place to stop off. This song is really dripping with "It", that indescribable thing that tells you the music is playing the band but they are willing participants. This one just keeps going and going and going and going as if they don't know how to get off that train. Jerry is intense but so is Bobby and everyone knows what's going on.

TMNS starts off sanely enough but at around 3:40 they are coming out of the first little jam and as they are about to do that Jerry decided to keep in the wandering jam and they all quickly agree but it is one of those "WTF" moments that if you were there you'd have blamed it on the "extras". I'm telling you it's cool. The jam keeps on going and I can just picture them on stage really focusing and getting into it. It's not crazy and intense it's just intense. They keep jamming for 3 more minutes then just end the song. What could they possibly do next? CANDYMAN of course! They nail this one just like they've been doing. The first few verses are what they are but the jam in the middle is just what you want it to be. It has that intensity this song always needs. After the big build up Jerry comes back in with generous vocal flubs and it's fun to listen to him find his way back to the right lyrics. They end the song gracefully without another build up. We get Take-a-step-back and a little Alfred Hitchcock noodling while the steps are being taken back. SAMSON AND DELILAH hits the ground running. Bobby is liking the song but Jerry wants to change it up a bit and you can hear him doing some different stuff with the song. This is not the usual pounding version but pounding is indeed there, it just hits lots of different areas. IMHBTR is a large and sweet version that they play all the way through treating each part of the song with respect. The jam near the end is heartfelt and beautiful with Jerry twisting and milking every note out of his guitar. I think he found some he didn't know he had. They keep this beast rolling with BIG RIVER which is always welcome to any set in any show. They, of course, play the shit out of this song. If I had been there I would have been so twisted up from dancing I would probably be able to lick my shoulder blades! I LOVE THIS SONG! DANCIN just kind of starts and gets itself going pretty good. Lots of Bendy, twisty stuff here and it really starts to hit a good groove around the 6:00min mark and you can hear that the audience is into it. Then around 8:00 it starts to want to change, it is not the normal end of the jam that they ALWAYS do. This is a getting quieter and you can tell Keith is wanting to go somewhere else and Jerry thinks that is a good idea too. Bobby tries to hold on to Dancin but everyone else is already heading into - DRUMS? WTF? Starts off quietly and stays that way for the most part. You can hear a little bit of the Wheel but they don't go that way and stay with drums. They keep this up until they decide that they will be going into THE OTHER ONE which starts with Phil just deciding that that is where they are going to go. The is a HUGE Other One! One LMA reviewer said it sounded like 1969 at times and I must agree. They take it out, bring it down, take it back out and bring it back down. Jerry sounds like he is driving as fast as he can down a winding mountain road and he knows exactly how to do it. It straightens out with 2 minutes to go then descends ever so beautifully and slowly into STELLA BLUE. Jerry's voice is "just-exactly-perfect" on this and the playing is heartfelt. He comes in too early on the second verse but that somehow makes it more special. The build-up in the middle doesn't get big the way they sometimes do, it just stays even but Jerry's voice is strong and adds yet another special ingredient to this version. He does something funky/early on the entry into the third verse too. Mischeif is afoot! The outro is short but very sweet with lots of heart coming out of Jerry's guitar. They end it with the beautiful flourish but instead of completing it, Jerry keeps hitting the final note again and again and again until he final makes it turn back into THE OTHER ONE. Short one that gets the 2nd verse in there. A pounding beginning into SUGAR MAGNOLIA. This is a Stellar version.

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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Oct 2, 2010 7:00am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re:not able to get back to this friggin forum

Once again my taste in tonal value and looks has brought me to this. First off, if your only concern hear are set lists and how this intro went ,this is not for you. About the gear and stryving for the best, well the best thing Jerry ever did was to dump the white Travis Bean. Maybe because I saw so many awful shows w/ this I have this aversion to this axe.Any thing but that guitar. Secondly I hated when Keith went from a real baby grand to that electro Yamaha.ON some songs it sounded down rite harpsichody not quite right for most of the tunes.If they can schelp that WOS MONSTROSITY they could use the grand.As for favs go JERRY'S#1WOLF #2TIGER #3GIBSON SG
PHIL#1Alembic w/ the 20 knobs #2Alembicw/ star pattern
As for pa sound I alwasys thought they should have talked w/ the Pink Floyd audio guys who were doing true QUAD as in having speakers placed w/ towers on stage then 2 more
in the rear of the venue. This effect has not been duplicated as far as I know.

nice to be back ,can't wait.....LW

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Poster: unclejohn52 Date: Oct 2, 2010 9:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Re:not able to get back to this friggin forum

Well, leftwinger, it's all a matter of taste, and for me it's about the music he created on each guitar, not the gear itself. (We can agree to disagree.) I think you were lucky to see a lot of shows on the Travis Bean, he played some mighty stuff with it. Personal favs would be Alligator and Wolf, just not as big a fan of what came later on Tiger. That said, Jerry could make any guitar sound great - he could squeeze great notes on anything he touched.

Yes, the GD were into their gear, but I think it was all about the musical experience they could make with it... you'll find less discussion of gear here, and more about the music.

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Poster: snow_and_rain Date: Oct 2, 2010 8:44am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIH 1976

For this show you have a choice between two really lousy audience sources. The Moore/Weiner source seems marginally better. But these shows can sometimes be surprisingly good despite the recording quality. So if you’re going to listen to this one, I highly recommend downloading it first and EQ’ing the shit out of it and bumping up the preamp a few notches.

The crowd seems really amped up after a great Promised Land opener. The band moves swiftly into TLEO – the slower pace of this song one of the hallmarks of post-hiatus Dead (not a good decision, imo). Sound quality is somehow much improved by the time they get to Minglewood. Still not great, but much more listenable. Minglewood packs a big Bobby punch, but nothing unusual for the era yet, though it is chock full of typically great 76 Jerry jams. During Jimmy, Jerry kicks out verse after mellifluous verse on the slide before settling back to the vocals again. El Paso makes a nice chaser, with the band delivering a typically fine version of this classic. Bobby tells the crowd to quit throwing things at the band or else “we’re gonna start throwing ‘em back.” Tennessee Jed is fine, but nothing special at first. The jam does get pretty tasty though before the final refrain. Bobby asks the crowd to step back so the folks in front don’t get crushed – an eerie foreshadowing of the 1979 tragedy when eleven people were crushed to death trying to get into a Who concert at the same venue in Cinci. Then the boys start rockin, firing off the one-two punch of All Over Now and Brown Eyed Women. There’s some big explosion during BEW – don’t know if it’s an equipment problem or an m-80 or what. A lively Let it Grow signals that the first set is near to closing. This and the next number, Might as Well, are included in the Spirit of 76 bonus disc from the New Year’s Eve 76 release, so at least a couple of tracks from this show are really nice quality (if you have that CD!). These were good choices for release – a nice tight, energetic LIG and a hot Might as Well. My oh my does this Garcia kid know how to play guitar! That’s the spirit of ‘76 alright! Turn this shit up!

This show has a really curious looking second set, much more in the early 70s style than what would come in 77 and beyond. Not in terms of song selection as much as in the way it flows: they play several one-off songs in a row, as if it were simply an extension of the first set. It takes Jerry a little bit to find the groove on Music, but they get there, and follow up with a rare second set Candyman. Samson gets them rocking again, only to have Roses bring it back down to earth. A weird set list for sure—great songs, but weird flow. Big River and FOTD continue the first set feel, before settling into a beautiful Dancin>Drums>Other One>Stella>Other One>Sugar Mag sequence to close the show. Nice Dancin settles into a groovy jam, then descends into drums before a sort of weird transition into The Other One. Jerry builds the tempo up with dexterous little jams before Phil explodes again and the first verse begins. They really turn up the energy on a TOO that started out a little iffy. This Other One is split by a good Stella. After TOO reprise they finish with a strong Sugar Mag.

Highlights: Let it Grow, Dancin>Drums>TOO>Stella>TOO